WQEQ Chinese Radio | FM 105.5 中文电台 | 播出时间:星期一至星期五 (2pm - 5am) | 星期六 (8am - 4pm) | 星期日休息


播出时间:星期一至星期五 (2pm – 5am) | 星期六 (8am – 4pm) | 星期日休息

WQEQ Radio 105.5FM operates the Chinese public radio WQEQ-LP (105.5MHZ frequency) in Flushing.
Our mission is public service and promotion of multicultural diversity through information, and education. The goal is to be achieved by providing significant radio programming to under-represented groups in the Chinatown district of Flushing , while concurrently enhancing and enriching broader audiences in the Queens neighborhoods.

Our primary focus is promoting the interests and needs of the Chinese language population in Flushing as to issues of concern and an understanding an appreciation of the valuable enhancements and appreciations that inures in the values of traditional Chinese and Western culture.


电子邮件:[email protected]
地址:142-38 2G, 37ave,Flushing, NY11354